Fine Art Portraits of Your Animal Companions
My name is Rebekah Rogers. I live and work in Ridgway, Colorado as an animal portrait artist. I have been drawing portraits of dogs, cats, and horses professionally for over twenty years. I love animals, which is why I choose to make them the focus of my life and work. My goal as an artist is to recognize each animal as a special individual and a creature of great beauty. Each animal companion has their very own personality and soul, and I strive to make that shine through my art. I love what I do and I work straight from the heart.

I have loved drawing from the very beginning. I took art lessons throughout my childhood, and I always had wonderful support from my teachers. Their encouragement kept me focused on art through my school years. As a teenager I got a job at a local animal hospital working as a veterinary assistant. It was during my time there that I was inspired to start creating portraits of dogs and cats. Before long my first pet portrait was officially framed and hung in the reception area! (Thanks Dr. Yeomans!) My years at the animal hospital gave me extraordinary experiences with so many different wonderful pets, and led me to discover a way to weave together my passion for animals with my love for drawing. It also sparked a great interest in animal healing.

I attended the University of Georgia as an art student for a very short time when I first moved to Athens at age 20. I left school to hone my drawing skills on my own while working part time and taking orders for commissioned portraits. A few years passed and I decided to expand my education at the Southeastern Reiki Center and Atlanta School of Massage. I was very excited to find out that Reiki healing and massage were very beneficial to furry creatures as well as humans! I completed all levels of Reiki training available and even took a specialized class in Healing for Animals. At massage school I studied Asian Bodywork and Acupressure, and became a Certified Massage Therapist. The first thing I did after graduating was to begin studying how the techniques could be applied to dogs. I worked briefly as a massage therapist for people, but quickly I felt drawn back to the animals. In no time I found a job at a kennel working with dogs and cats, developing my own canine massage technique, and doing portraits on the side.

These days my main focus is my art work, though I still have a strong interest in animal healing and have been able to help many rescued dogs and cats over the years with my massage techniques and general animal care experience. I feel that my time spent caring for dogs and cats in need has helped me get in touch with their real depth of spirit and allowed me to feel even closer to animals than I ever imagined I could be.

There is nothing like being in my art studio, working on a new portrait of another beautiful animal.
Life is great!


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